Manufacturing and Technical Capabilities

Galentis offers its customers a wide range of capabilities, including the manufacture of high quality fine chemicals, specialty fine chemicals, polymers for medical devices, intermediates for non-active and active pharmaceutical ingredients, and other key intermediates for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals.

Pharmaceutical intermediates

  • Fluorinated steroid intermediates
  • Advanced intermediates for the manufacturing of APIs

Special pharmaceutical reagents

Fine chemicals for medical devices and high technology applications

  • Perchloryl fluoride

    Formula ClFO3
    Molecular Weight 102.45
    CAS Number 7616-94-6
    EC Number 231-526-0
    Chemical name Perchloryl fluoride
    Trade Name Perchloryl fluoride
  • Fine Chemicals: GALXYL C

    Formula C16H14Cl2
    Molecular Weight 277.12
    CAS Number 28804-46-8
    EC Number 249-236-8
    Chemical name Dichloro-p-cyclophane
    Trade Name Galxyl C
  • Fine Chemicals: GALXYL N

    Formula C16H16
    Molecular Weight 208.31
    CAS Number 1633-22-3
    EC Number 216-644-2
    Chemical name Di-p-xylene [2,2] paracyclophane
    Trade Name Galxyl N