GALXYL® dimer is the raw material used in the Parylene conformal coating process. The unique nature of the material’s deposition enables the resultant Parylene coatings to reliably protect, preserve and insulate a wide variety of substrates.

Parylene coatings are ultra-thin and truly conformal and have been protecting components and devices in the aerospace, electronics, industrial, medical and military industries for decades. Due to their unique vapor deposition process, Parylene coatings protect even seemingly inaccessible areas, resulting in complete encapsulation of a substrate.

Parylene films created with GALXYL C dimer are MIL-I-46058C and IPC-CC-830 approved. GALXYL C and N and are both an ideal solution for medical implantables due to their USP XXII, Class VI biocompatibility rating.

Beneficial Properties:

GALXYL C and N are available through regional distributors. Please contact us to receive more information on these products from our distributors.